Church, shooting range partner for fund-raiser

Ogden WEBOgden Friendship House of Hope (Ogden, Kan.) partnered with next door neighbor Ogden’s Best Gun Range to raise funds for Imagine No Malaria Feb. 24. The church hosted a dinner in the fellowship hall, “The Skeeter Swat Cafe,” serving breakfast and lunch.

The congregation had its worship service early on Sunday morning. Rev. Diana Chapel, pastor at the church, said there were several new faces in the congregation, waiting to be first in line at the range.

“We made about $600 at the cafe and the same at the range,” Chapel said. “We had special mosquito targets at the range that the range owner had made up special for us.”

The range’s owner also waived all the normal fees for use of the range, and the church charged $10 per target. Another shoot is planned for May or June.

“I doubt many churches have a pulpit that is 20-feet from the target end of a gun range, but we make it work,” Chapel said. “This was a fun way to work to work with our neighbor.”