Under the Nets event held in Dorchester, Neb.

The Igniting Youth and the Dorchester UMC hosted Under the Nets event on Saturday, Aug. 17, 2013, to raise money to purchase mosquito nets for the fight against malaria in Africa.

There were 14 youth and eight adults that canvassed the town for funds and to raise awareness. On Sunday, they helped with the morning worship and collected money by having a “Dough for Nets” fundraiser. With these fundraisers and various other donations, more than $700 has been raised to date.

Photo: Back row from left: Randy Schlick, Matthew Hoffman, Cole Johnson, Jason Jensen, Ryan Weber, Cindy Kotas, Pastor Pax Baptista, Roxie Heller. Middle row from left: Bailey Velder, Daisha Hoffman, Caitlin Sharkey,  Savanah Plonkey, Michelle Kotas, Edwen Baptista, Ridge Hoffman, Neal Ladley. Front row from left: Haley Weber, Kyra Creamer, Megan Kotas, Amber Kotas, Rhonda Schlick and Brett Ladely.