Bishop’s Challenge Results

Bishop Scott Jones made 360 of 1,000 free-throw attempts Feb. 23 at Calvary United Methodist Church in Wichita, Kan. Jones took one hour and 40 minutes, with breaks at each century mark.

More than 100 guesses were submitted directly to the Bishop’s Free Throw Challenge, raising $1,150 for Imagine No Malaria. An additional $175 was raised through the website.

BishopTallyBoardJones will buy five nets in each winner’s honor. Brian Milford, district superintendent of Council Bluffs, Iowa, correctly guessed the number of successful free throws Bishop Jones would make.

The three closest “guessers” from each conference will be recognized during the spring Annual Conference Sessions, as well as the three top donors.

Those guessing the closest to the total number of free-throws made were Jenelle Erb of Nebraska, Charlie Cadwell of Kansas West and Pamela Farrant of Kansas East.

Jones pledged $10 for every airball, raising an additional $230 for the cause. His wife, Mary Lou Reece, pledged $100 for every time the bishop made five free-throws in a row, resulting in an additional $300.

Local churches and/or pastors were also encouraged to hold their own basketball-themed fundraiser, or to challenge the Bishop with their own free throw attempts.

Rev. Lane Bailey and his family pledged $1 for every free-throw the bishop made, raising another $360 in pledges for Imagine No Malaria.

Pledges are still coming in, and final totals will be announced later.