Emmett UMC raises $400 at ice cream social


The Emmett United Methodist Church, a small congregation in eastern Kansas, raised $400 with an ice cream social for Imagine No Malaria.

Holton Evangel UMC co-sponsors wrestling match, raises money for INM

Holton_Evangel_INM_Wrestling_Match-DP_4WEB_SJZXYDTWOver the Aug. 3-4 weekend, the Evangel United Methodist Church in Holton focused on how we all can be a part of changing the world by raising money for Imagine No Malaria. We had a special guest, Carol Russell who is a missionary from Africa. She shared her story with us. We also took a special offering and held a luncheon.

In addition, the congregation partnered with the 4A State Champion Holton wrestling team and Jackson County wrestling team to co-sponsor a wrestling invitational event at Holton High School. Evangel UMC’s very own Pat Grindol, music minister, and Devin Sanchez will wrestled against one another along with a number of exhibition matches of the State Champion Holton Wildcats. It was a classic battle of youth and wisdom. No matter what the outcome of the match was, eradicating malaria wins.

We partnered with our Holton High School wrestling coaches and athletes because they recognize that their leadership means more than sports, and they are called to change our community and the world for the better.

It was a great way to bring the community together around an amazing initiative of eradicating malaria. We raised awareness and also $1,460 for Imagine No Malaria.

Rev. Dennis Paschke is the senior pastor at Holton Evangel UMC.

Abilene Emmanuel partners with Kenyan pastor to fight malaria

Shane Britt, pastor of Emmanuel United Methodist Church in Abilene and James Murunga, pastor and speaker from Nairobi, Kenya, used a basketball free-throw contest this past spring to raise funds to fight malaria in Africa.

The Emmanuel Missions Committee invited church members to make pledges to Imagine No Malaria that were based on the pastors’ free-throw results. Imagine No Malaria is an effort of the United Methodist Church to end preventable deaths by malaria in Africa.

Abilene_Emmanuel_James_Murunga-KR_4Web_SQXE2KD6Some members pledged dollar amounts for the number of free throws made by one pastor or the other, some pledged money based on the total number of shots made, and others just gave donations.

Kris Roney, member of the Emmanuel Missions Committee, said many United Methodist churches are using basketball as a platform to raise funds for the cause, but Emmanuel might be the only church whose fundraising efforts included a visiting pastor from Africa.

Murunga has a personal connection to the fight against malaria. In addition to seeing malaria take the lives of fellow Kenyans in his region, Murunga has seen the tragic effects of malaria in his own family. Murunga’s son died from malaria when he was one year old. Murunga has two surviving children, and one of them, his daughter, suffers from malaria.

Outdoors on a windy Sunday afternoon, Britt and Murunga took turns for a total of 200 free-throw attempts. Britt nailed 51 out of 100 attempts. Every other time Murunga’s turn came, he invited someone from the crowd to step up and take 10 shots. Over the course of the contest, Murunga borrowed five helpers from the congregation. Together, the six of them made 22 out of 100 attempts. Murunga himself made 11 out of 50 attempts, and his “team” matched the points by also making 11 out of 50 attempts. Murunga’s team included Brie Morton, Daryl Roney, Brian Cook, Rick Pearcey and Trevor Witt.

Britt also invited Witt, a former Abilene High School Cowboys varsity-basketball player, to a challenge. Britt offered Witt $10 for each completed basket out of 10 attempts. Witt stepped up to the line and made 8 out of 10 attempts for the cause.

“It was a neat concept, and it was cool to have Pastor Shane say he’d commit to $10 a free throw,” Witt said. “It was a mission to make some of those.”

Between pledges and donations, Emmanuel collected $3,900. Roney said the church plans to continue raising funds through bracelet sales and other means.

Dodge City VBS collects more than $1,200 for Imagine No Malaria

Dodge_City_VBS_INM_4Web_K2WZ26IMMore than 100 children gathered for Vacation Bible School at Dodge City First United Methodist Church this summer and learned about the frightening disease in Africa and other parts of the world called malaria.

As the children learned that mosquitoes cause malaria and that they could help stop the mosquitoes, they became very excited to help. Over the course of the five-evening VBS, children brought $558 dollars in offerings, some emptying their banks from home to bring their money and help stop malaria.

The offering was matched by an anonymous donor from the church, and when the total was announced it came to $1,206.73.

“This was our congregation’s initial effort for Imagine No Malaria,” said Lance Carrithers, pastor of the church. “We decided that our children would lead us, which would create more awareness and excitement around the Imagine No Malaria campaign.

“My hope is that in the future, after malaria has been eradicated, these children will remember and say, “I was part of that. I gave money to wipe out malaria when I went to Bible school.”

Future events in the Dodge City congregation will get more adults and youth involved in the campaign.

“We are planning a special fundraiser during our annual fall Tailgate Party at the end of September,” said Carrithers. “Our youth are planning it, and we hope many will become involved and give joyfully.”

Still time to make a difference

Pipe_Cleaner_Mosquito-SC_4Web_R9KRDUFCBishop Scott Jones has announced a goal of every Kansas United Methodist congregation doing something by Dec. 31, 2013, to fight deaths from malaria by raising money for the United Methodist initiative Imagine No Malaria.

The disease kills an estimated 655,000 people each year, most of them children younger than 5 and pregnant women. Malaria is caused by a parasite transmitted through the bite of a female anopheles mosquito. But, malaria is preventable, treatable and beatable!

Here are some ideas for the remainder of 2013 to raise money for Imagine No Malaria.

October: Encourage individuals and/or families to make a fall gift of $20.13.

November: Give gifts of gratitude. What do you have to be thankful for? Give others a reason to be thankful for you! Think about creative offerings, such as encouraging people to put a $10 bill in an offering envelope and write the name on the outside of the envelope of someone or something for whom/which they are thankful. The “Thanks-givings” names can be collected and displayed, perhaps on pipe-cleaner mosquitos on a net in a common area.

December: Encourage Christmas offerings. One church in Western North Carolina raised $100,000 in a single Christmas offering! We have the power to give the gift of life.

Remember, it only takes $10 to save a life, and we’re not done yet!

Under the Nets event held in Dorchester, Neb.

The Igniting Youth and the Dorchester UMC hosted Under the Nets event on Saturday, Aug. 17, 2013, to raise money to purchase mosquito nets for the fight against malaria in Africa.

There were 14 youth and eight adults that canvassed the town for funds and to raise awareness. On Sunday, they helped with the morning worship and collected money by having a “Dough for Nets” fundraiser. With these fundraisers and various other donations, more than $700 has been raised to date.

Photo: Back row from left: Randy Schlick, Matthew Hoffman, Cole Johnson, Jason Jensen, Ryan Weber, Cindy Kotas, Pastor Pax Baptista, Roxie Heller. Middle row from left: Bailey Velder, Daisha Hoffman, Caitlin Sharkey,  Savanah Plonkey, Michelle Kotas, Edwen Baptista, Ridge Hoffman, Neal Ladley. Front row from left: Haley Weber, Kyra Creamer, Megan Kotas, Amber Kotas, Rhonda Schlick and Brett Ladely.

Calvary UMC promotes Imagine No Malaria on float

Galvary UMC in Bushnell, Neb., entered an Imagine No Malaria (INM) float in the Bushnell Day Parade on Aug. 17. The float served as a promotion of the effort to continue to collect money for the purchase of nets for the INM project.

The Great Plains Area has raised a total of $285,681.80. View the Kansas East, Kansas West and Nebraska maps – can you find your church? If not, then we have not received any contributions from your church. This toolkit offers great tips on fundraisers and information on INM in general. Don’t forget to send us your fundraising stories, along with total raised and photos of the event.

Alma and Republican City UMCs join INM cause

The Alma and Republican City UMCs in Nebraska, sponsored an Imagine No Malaria event on Aug. 11 at the Alma school basketball courts. Teams of adults, youth and children requested pledges per free throw and lump sum donations in advance and then shot free throws during the event. Trophies were given to the team who made the most shots and who also received the most in pledges and to the four individuals who made the most free throws. All team members were given a malaria swatter. The team “God Squad!” consisted of Pastor Jim Bendorf, his wife Penny, church secretary Doris Brandon and her husband Gary. More than $1,500 was raised as a result of this event and donations are still coming. The Short Stop convenience store in Alma donated drinks for the event. It was a fun time for a good cause.

“The Harlan County Journal” provided publicity in the Aug. 1 and 15 editions.

Bishop’s ‘uppity’ niece challenges him to shoot-out

SarahJonesUppityNieceBishop Scott Jones will be shooting another 1,000 free throws at Kansas Wesleyan on Friday, Aug. 16 from 2-4 p.m. CDT. Only this time, he will be competing against his uppity niece, Sarah Jones, who will be shooting simultaneously in Durham, NC. Facebook and Twitter will be keep those unable to attend informed on their progress. Bishop Jones and his niece will be raising money for Imagine No Malaria.

This is Bishop Jones’ second round of 1,000 free throws. On Feb. 23, 2013, Bishop Jones made 360 out of 1,000 free throws. This event raised $1,150 for Imagine No Malaria.

At this time the Great Plains Area has raised over $255,000 for Imagine No Malaria. 

You can pledge your support for Sarah or Bishop Jones online at https://gp-reg.brtapp.com/UppityNieceBasketballChallenge

Papillion St. Paul’s UMC’s confirmation class holds Doughnuts for Nets fundraiser

M_05.08.13_Omaha St Pauls_Imagine No Malaria 1

After attending this year’s Confirmation Day, the confirmation class from Papillion St. Paul’s UMC decided to take up Bishop Scott Jones on his challenge to raise funds for Imagine No Malaria. As a class they decided to raise funds by selling doughnuts during Sunday morning fellowship time between services.

The Sunday before the sales, the class presented a skit to the congregation to bring awareness about the Imagine No Malaria campaign, and to announce the doughnut sales. They let everyone know that for every $10 raised a mosquito net could be purchased. Any donation amount would get a doughnut, but $10 doughnuts were encouraged. The class set a goal for 100 nets to be purchased. To track their progress throughout the morning, they had a graph that was marked with a mosquito that inched up as they got closer to their goal. It didn’t take them long to realize the goal would be smashed, and they had to alter their graph to show where they were. After all the donations had been received, the confirmation class raised $1,933 for Imagine No Malaria – enough for 193 bed nets!